About North American Contractors


charles carr & cindiNAC - North American Contractors was founded by Charles, Cindi and a group of passionate friends with the goal of creating the best online home services platform currently avaialable in North America.

If you are like us you believe that big things can come in small packages, undetered by the huge corporate conglomerates, we wake up early, work hard and go to sleep late every single day.

We used to use other online homeservice platforms ourselves but were ultimately discouraged by the high cost of doing business with them. Then we learned that our information was exchanged or even sold for profits and that is when we said enough.




We will never sell / share your info.

In today's high tech world data and privacy are big issues because while our information is out there, we want to keep dibs on who accesses our information and what it is used for. NAC guarantees we will never share, exchange or sell your information. Your privacy means a lot to us and we take extraordinary measures to protect it.

Our small dedicated team of professionals are here daily working to improve our website and provide you with the best customer service, the best user experience and the best value for your dollars. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, never hesitate to contact us.

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